Let's eat

Ciao a tutti! I’m Maria, first-generation Italian. Welcome to our family! I look forward to sharing our stories and non-stop Italian fun with you. The cast of characters includes my parents, from the Campagnia region of Italy; three siblings, of which I’m number two; their spouses and significant others, who either did or didn’t know what they were getting into; and my five nieces and nephews, who make everything so much more fun. 

Probably unsurprisingly, food is a huge part of our lives. Dishes my parents cherished in Italy are the foundation of our family traditions and everyday fare. For us, food isn’t just consumed, it’s experienced with every single part of our hearts and souls. I can’t wait to bring you into the food experience with me, both Italian and otherwise, through recipes, reviews, and vast knowledge accumulated through sheer gastronomic curiosity.

Now, let’s eat!

Please reach out by email:  maria@mariacella.com.

Special Thanks:  Thank you to my friend Rich of Richard Tardiff Photography for so many of the beautiful images featured on my home page, bio, and initial blog posts.